Offering Support

MOMS Club is all about "MOMS offering Moms Support."  We love to find ways to help out other Mamas.  Not only do we do service projects throughout the year to help moms in our neighborhood, we have these ways that we help each other out.

Babysitting Co-op - A coupon based cooperative where moms babysit and find babysitters, all for free. Click for more info.

Mama Care - Where we organize meals, childcare, errands and more for mamas who need a little extra help.  Surgery, loss, birth, just crazy life?  We help each other out with Mama Care.  Click for more info.

MOTO - Moms On Their Own: Although MOMS Club activities are typically during weekdays there is a sub-group of Moms who find themselves solo parenting during evenings & weekends. Our MOTO group aims to support one another by joining forces during these times - combining evening meals or planning weekend outings with Moms and kids.