Mama Care

Life throws us a curve ball every so often.  The expected or the unexpected can leave us struggling to care for our families and ourselves.  Enter Mama Care.  Mama Care is organized care offered to MOMS Club members and can be for anything that you need extra help with, be it the birth of a new baby, loss of a pregnancy or loved one, or surgery.  If you need help, that is what Mama Care is for.

Mama Care uses online calendars to organize meals for moms who are unable to cook for their family.  Mama Care organizes childcare and errands for those who are unable to get out, or are in need of a little extra rest and healing.  Please, don't be shy, or think 'I don't want to bother anyone else'.  Let us know how we can help you!  It is a joy and a gift to care for our MOMS Club members this way.

I recently miscarried at 9 and a half weeks.  Our little family was devastated and I was in a lot of pain as I went through the natural miscarriage process.  The MOMS Club gathered around me and cared for me in so many ways, often in ways I never knew I needed or thought to ask for.   My playgroup organized meals for me.  Different moms came and picked up my daughter for a play date so I could get extra rest.  Someone would call and ask if I needed anything from the grocery store.  On three different occasions, someone came over and washed my dishes!  I was overwhelmed by the love and care that these moms gave during this hard time in our family's life.  I am so grateful that I was cared for in this way.
                 ~ Ariana - Mother to Cora