Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking forward to Valentines Day...

Last year the MOMS Club of East Nashville helped put together a Valentines Dance that was open to East Nashville parents, giving both moms and dads a chance to share some holiday fun and love with their kids. As we approach February again, and work on planning this year's dance, several moms in our club sent emails around to everyone reflecting on how much fun they had at last year's dance. I've asked their permission to share their experiences on our website.

Last year's Valentine's Dance was such a sweet and special event! Reagan and I enjoyed creating a special valentine card for Dad! We giggled at each other after our faces were painted with red hearts! I admit, although I let Reagan have WAY too many baked treats, I justified it with all the dancing we did on the dance floor with his friends and other parents! It was a blast! Reagan and I made a memory together that afternoon that I will never forget. Oh, and as a side note, this was my first exposure to MOMS Club. I had no idea such an organization existed in the neighborhood!

--Kelly, MOMS Club Member

I can also speak to the memories made at the dance last year. My personal favorites are dancing with my then 9 month old. And, having my three year old come up to me saying the DJ was going to play Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. I was sure he was just being hopeful but, sure enough, Free Fallin' was the next song played. Apparently, that was the day my son learned how to make a request!

--Alice, MOMS Club Member